Daniel McGregor, born on 12 February 1983 in Jamaica, is a reggae and dancehall singer. Being the son of Freddie McGregor has proven to be one of the major reasons his compass regarding music as a career was very obvious. Chino has had a great deal of experience as well due to his own talent and creativity. He sang from the age of nine in the Vaz Preparatory School’s ensemble and since the time it was his fantasy to have a vocation in music. He has performed on endless events since being a kid and to this date, one of his most critical exhibitions was at twelve years old at Jamaica House before Prime Minister PJ Patterson. Multi-skilled Chino got more experience as he played as a selector for Omega Disco’s sound system during the time he was in high school. Not only can he play multiple instruments, he raps, sings, and enjoys being a DJ. He composes, co-composes, and creates tracks for various artistes like Daville, Wayne Marshall, TOK, Elephant Man, Delly Ranx, Kiprich, and his very own father, Freddie McGregor. Apart from watching and learning from legends, he gained a deeper understanding of production techniques and recording. After having graduated, Chino moved to the USA where he added onto his expertise in the music industry. He has done many collaborations and worked with producers like Kurt Reiley. His career is far from over, he has so much to give and continues making videos that showcase different rhythms like the video with Babylon Burning riddim released in March 2020.