Meet the Team

The dedicated and riddim-loving team!


Riddimz Kalacta | Owner/Founder

I have always had a passion for the Jamaican riddim culture owing to the reggae influence around me growing up in the 90s. In 2008, during my bioscience studies at university, I started a reggae archives blog on In 2012, it evolved into a website called RiddimzRagga, and then eventually in 2015 – Riddims World. I have been collecting various riddim data for years, continually building up a database. Through this, the website is affiliated with hundreds of producers, artists and DJs worldwide and we help spread their content out to the world via promotions and digital platforms – more specifically Apple Music and Spotify.  The database building is on-going and may not be 100% accurate or complete, but we will eventually get there…

Taf Jafale | News & Reviews Editor

Previously Taf worked as a marketer and accountant for various companies in South Africa and Zimbabwe. He graduated with honors from Monash University with a Bachelors in Business and Commerce. Taf immersed himself in 90s dancehall and reggae from a tender age and has travelled around Southern Africa understanding people’s perceptions of it. He currently resides in Zimbabwe and closely monitors the local dancehall scene which is still in its infancy stage.


Shelley | Editor

Being raised in a music loving family, Shelley developed her love for music. She has worked in the digital space as a digital marketer for different industries. However, this has not deterred her passion for music as she has got to appreciate the uniqueness of dancehall and reggae. Having met people of different cultures through her college experience in India and at Africa University, she understands that people value different things and music is a part of people’s lives as it impacts each and everyone differently.

SolomonTZ | Editor

I have worked with Riddim World since 2019 publishing hundreds of riddims in the growing database. My main career in IT has more recently delved in the online world. I seek to build various platforms centered around music, more specifically on local artists and producers in Zimbabwe, past and present.