Got questions? Explore our FAQ section below to find the information you need to help you get started on our website.

What is this website "Riddims World" about?
Riddims World is a reggae, dancehall and soca riddims, singles and mixtapes one-stop promotional website for the growing Caribbean music genres. We help support the growing reggae music industry by exposing the music to more niche markets and audiences. Producers/artists/DJs can submit their material to site via email and consequently featured here.
Why are a lot of links dead or unavailable on this site?
As a promotional website, we have thousands of links dating back to when we first began many years ago. As most material is for promo use only, links expire.
How long are temporary download links available?
Most links are available for a maximum of 30 days.
Can I request a link for an expired promo download?
No. If you are a DJ, you can use our VIP service to access at least 20 other promos. See HERE
Can I purchase single releases on this site?
Yes, where available you can purchase directly from iTunes. We also offer a VIP service for DJs only as stated above.
Can I subscribe as a guest user on this site?
It is not necessary to subscribe. All info is publicly available. To keep up to date, you can subscribe to our email notifications or push notifications for all new releases on site.
I am an artist/producer/DJ and want my material featured on your site. Do I pay for this service? And how do I submit my material?
NO. This service is FREE. We promote individuals/groups for FREE. Submit all your material via email to for posting on site and Facebook pages.
What file format are the audio files?
They are mostly mp3 (>90%) with the rest as wmaor other file formats.
What quality (bitrate) are the audio files?
All less than 320kbps. If you are looking for higher quality files, buy on iTunes/Amazon/Juno/Emusic etc. Older riddims (1970-2000s) are 192 kbps or less.
Are all songs on each riddim available in each pack?
Some riddims have a song or two missing, but most are complete. Promo-quality.
After subscribing, do I have access to all listed promo riddims?
Or if I purchase a promo pack, how soon do I get a link?
Links are generated upon purchase and you are automatically redirected to the download page on checkout. We also send your unique link to your email address as per your registered PayPal email address.
Which file hosts do we use?
We mainly use DROPBOX and some collections are on pCLOUD and Mega.
What do I do if I cannot download from Dropbox or pCloud or Mega?
Firstly, try using the pCloud/Dropbox/Mega apps - install on your device and allow to sync. Some packs may require you to purchase additional space ($3-10) on the above file cloud services. We recommend using Chrome or Opera with the latest flash player plugin. Also clear your browser cookies before logging onto the site. OR we just send you an alternative link via email.
How do we get a hold of you?
Get us on the site chat panel on right column of the page or send us an email (faster) We are also available via our Facebook page ( as well as directly via Whatsapp (+447950899532).
What if I want to buy promo riddim collections in bulk?
Email us at
Are there refunds if I am unsatisfied with what I may have bought?
No. This digital service is clear and straight forward. You pay for what you see in each listed post.

This bulk/collections service is primarily intended for DJs. It is advisable to acquire the official releases from other authorized distribution platforms whenever they are available online on digital stores.

Please also note that all the collections are of promo quality, meaning they may not be of the highest standard. These packs are designed for DJs in need of bulk riddims, many of which can be challenging to find both online and in the real world.