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What is Riddim?

Two different musical concepts share the same term “riddim,” but have different meanings and contexts.

In the context of Jamaican music (particularly reggae and dancehall), a riddim is an instrumental rhythm track that artists use as the backing track for their songs. Multiple artists might use the same riddim to create different songs. The riddim often consists of a drum pattern and a prominent bassline, and it can be reused and reinterpreted by different artists over time.

Riddim dubstep on the other hand is a subgenre of dubstep, a genre of electronic music that originated in the UK. Riddim Dubstep is characterized by its minimalistic layers, heavy use of repetition, and emphasis on sub-bass and syncopated rhythms. The term “riddim” in this context does not refer to a reusable instrumental track as it does in Jamaican music. Instead, it’s more about the rhythmic structure and the heavy bass sound that defines this subgenre.

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