1960s-1989 Riddims List

Riddim Title


10 To 1 Superhits Vol 1  Jammys Records
14 Bites Of Bun And Cheese  Blue Mountain Records
1985 Master Mega Hits Vol 1 and 2  Jammys Records
357 Magnum Riddim  Steely And Clevie Records ?
4 Season Lover Riddim Aka Fresh Riddim  Jammys Records
4 Star Showcase  Rad Records
5 The Hard Way DJ Clash 86  Live And Love
A Fi Fly Out Riddim  Techniques Records 1988
A Fi Fly Out Riddim  Ujama
A Love I Can Feel Riddim  Black Art
A Who Thing Riddim  Slam Records
Abyssinians Abendigo Riddim  Clinch Records
Adam And Eve Riddim  Channel One
Addicted To Your Love Riddim  King Jammys
Addicted To Your Love Riddim  Super Power Records
Africa Iron Gate Showcase  Berris
Africa Riddim  King Jam
Africa Riddim (Original)  King Jam Band (Rare)
Agony Agony Riddim  Gyasi
Agony Riddim  Jammys Records
Aint No Sunshine Riddim  Various Labels
All Kindah Dance Aka Water Pumping Riddim  Jammys Records
Another One Bites The Dust Riddim  Various Labels
Answer Riddim  Midnight Rock
Arise Rootsman  Coxson
Baby Riddim  King Jammys
Back Off Riddim  Linval Thompson
Bandelero Riddim  Dennis Star International
Bangarang 1976-199x  Penthouse Records / Randys
Best Of Studio One  Heartbeat Records
Big Ship Riddim  Power House
Big Ship Riddim  Thompson Sound
Black Bullet Riddim  Bird Label
Black Cinderella Riddim  Waterhouse Records
Black Roots Riddim  Black Roots
Black Roses Riddim  Channel One
Black Scorpio All Stars Vol.1  Uprising
Black Scorpio All Stars Vol.2  Uprising
Black Solidarity Riddim  Black Solidarity International
Black Star Liner Reggae From Africa  Heartbeat Records
Blam Blam Riddim  Champagne Records?
Blow Mr Hornsman Instrumental Reggae  Trojan Records
Blue Trac Superstar Clash Vol 1  Blue Trac Records
Bobby Bablylon Riddim  Ras Records
Boops Riddim  Studio One
Botha Riddim  Live And Love
Bubbling Pot Vol 1  Harry J Records
Buffalo Soldier Riddim  Tuff Gong And Tappa
Bun And Cheese Riddim  Blue Mountain Records
Burial Riddim 80s Juggling  Tads Roots Band
Bust Blank Riddim  Dragon Records
Busting Out Riddim  Steely And Clevie
By Special Request Riddim  Jammys Records
Bye Bye Love Riddim  Jammys Records
Cant Do The Work Riddim  Steely And Clevie
Cant Tan Yah Riddim  Fire Ball Records
Chase The Devil Riddim  Lee Scratch
China Town Riddim  Jammys Records
Clive Hunts Ruff ‘n Tuff Sho Case  Intense
Come Back To Me Riddim  Techniques
Come Down Riddim
Come Down Riddim (1988)
Come Home Riddim  Goodnight Rock
Computer All Stars  Sunset Records
Computer Corn Reggae Stars  Black Solidarity
Computer Rule Riddim  Harry J Records
Computer Seh So Riddim  Waterhouse
Concord All Stars  Shellys Records
Conquering Lion Riddim  Various Labels
Could You Be Loved Riddim  Tuff Gong
Crazy Baldhead Riddim  Grade One Records
Crazy Baldheads Riddim  Taxi
Cry Cry Baby Riddim  Jammys Records
Curly Locks Riddim  Greensleeves Records
Cuss Cuss Riddim  Papa Moke Music
Dance All Style  Greensleeves Records
Dance Hall Killers Vol.1  Jammys Records
Dance Hall Masters  Germain Records
Dance Hall Slaughteration  Fast Lane Records
Dance Hall Time  Scar Face Music
Dance Hall Vibes Vol.1  World Enterprise Records
Dance Hall Vibes Vol.2  World Enterprise Records
Dance Hall Vibes Vol.3  World Enterprise Records
Dancehall Bubblers  Famous Records
Dancehall Masters Vol 4  Penthouse Records
Dancehall Showcase Vol.3  Mango
Dancehall Thriller Riddim  J&M
Dancehall Version Excursion Vol 2  Black Solidarity
Dangerous Riddim  Redman International
Death In The Area Riddim  Solidarity International
Della Skank? Riddim  Digital-B
Dennis Star Presents Original Stuck Vol 1  Greensleeves Records
Dennis Star Presents: Rhythm Distress  Greensleeves Records
Digital English  Dub Plate Style Vol.1
Digital-b Selections Vol.1  Digital-b
Diseases Riddim  Greensleeves Records
Diseases Riddim Aka Mad Mad Riddim Aka Golden Hen Riddim (1967-2000s)
DJ Confrontation  Live And Love
DJ Confrontation Riddim  Jammys Records
DJ Connection Volume 1  Black Scorpio
DJ Explosion Ina Dancehall Style  Techniques
DJs Extraordinaire Vol 1  VP Records
Don’t Do Nothing Wrong Riddim  I & I Records
Dont Have Me Up Riddim  Jammys Records
Dont Try To Use Me Riddim  Bunny Striker
Dont Wait Around Riddim  Studio One Records
Doogle Berry Riddim  Various Labels
Dread at the Controls  Various Artistes
Dreadlock Nah Run Riddim  Thompson Sound
Dub Rockers Delight  Negus Roots
Duck Dance  Super Power
Duck Dance Riddim  Jammys Records
Duck Dance Vs China Town  Jammys Records
Duppy Riddim  Jammys Records
Emmanuel Road Riddim  Jammys
Enforcer One Riddim  Dynamite Records
Englishman Riddim  Volcano
Enquirer Riddim  Selekta
Enter Into His Gates Riddim  Justice Records
Entertainment Riddim 1983
Equal Rights  Techniques
Ethiopian Kings Riddim  Freedom Sounds
Everybody Bawling Riddim  Various Labels
Exodus Riddim  Tuff Gong
Explosion Black All Stars Vol 2  Black Scorpio
Explosion Black Scorpio All Stars Vol 1 Singers  Black Scorpio
Extra Fresh Riddim  Kangal
Far East Riddim  WWS Records 1979
Fashion Presents Jamaicas Finest Volume 1  Fashion Records
Fashion Records Revives More Classic Lovers  Fashion Records
Fat Man Riddim  Lee Scratch Perry / Lynford Anderson
Fat She Fat Riddim  Greensleeves
Feeding Of the 5 Thousand  Fatman Records
Feel Like Dancing Riddim  Midnight Rock
Feel So Good Riddim  G Clef
Fever Riddim  Pickout Records
Fever Riddim Aka Cover Me Riddim  Pickout Records
Fifty Six Hope Road Riddim  56 Hope Road
Follow Fashion Riddim  Linval Thompson
For Hire And Removal Riddim  Volcano Productions
Frighten Friday (friday 13th)  Steely and Clevie Records
Fu Manchu Riddim  Fu-Manchu
Further East Vol 1  Jammys Records
Further East Vol 2  Live and Love
Gal Yu Look Good Riddim  Digital-B
Ghetto Youth Dem Rising  Heartbeat Records
Gilbert Is A Disaster  Live And Love Records
Girlie Girlie Riddim  Winner Production 1985
Give Me The Right (various  Labels)
Give Up Badness Riddim  Soul Proof
Go Deh Wid Riddim  Crystal Records
Going Your Way Riddim  Midnight Rock
Golden Rockers  Studio One
Gorgan Riddim  Justice Records
Gorgan Riddim Aka You Wrong Riddim 1975-1988  Bunny Lee/Various Producers
Grass Roots Volume 1  L.a Records
Greensleeves Sampler  Greensleeves Records
Greensleeves Sampler 3  Greensleeves Records
Greensleeves Various 80s  Greensleeves Records
Greetings Riddim  Power House
Groovy Kind Of Love Riddim  Digital-B
Gun Inna Baggy Ridddim  Shocking Vibes
Gunshot Riddim  Midnight Rock
Gunshot Riddim  Various Producers
Gunshot Riddim  Various Producers 1980s
Haffi Fly Out Riddim  Techniques
Handcuff Riddim  Progress
Heavenless Riddim  Jammys Records
Heavenless Riddim  Various Labels
Hell A Go Come Riddim  Otteys Promotion
Henry The Great Riddim  Black Roots
Him A Natty Dread Riddim  Various Labels
History Of Uptempo  Uptempo Records
Hol A Fresh Riddim  Techniques
Holding On To My Girlfriend Riddim  Greensleeves Records
How Could I Leave Riddim  Gibbs Records
Hunts Bay Riddim  Prince Jammy
Hypocrites Riddim  Empire Records 1984
I Am In Love Riddim  Tamoki Wambesi
I Am Lonely Riddim  Trojan Records 1973
I Am Not A King Riddim  Various Labels
I Dont Want To Be No General Riddim  Various Producers
I Know The Score Riddim  Jammys Records
I Need You Riddim  Jammys Records 1987
I Wanna Rock Riddim  Jammys Records
I’ve Got To Go Back Home Riddim  Coxsone Records
Im IN The Mood For Love Riddim  Techniques
Im Not Getting Crazy Riddim  Emmanuel Music
Im Not Getting Crazy Riddim / Worries IN the Dance  1979-8x
Im Still In Love With You Riddim  Fiwi Music /Joe Gibbs
Im Still Waiting Riddim  Coxsone
In The Mood Riddim  Techniques 1988
Intercom Riddim / Revolution Riddim  Various Labels
It Hurts To Be Alone Riddim  Studio One
Jah Guidance 1980-1984
Judge Heavy Manners Riddim  Bunny Lee
Judgement Time Riddim  Thompson Sound
Jumpy Girl Riddim  Jb Music
Just Another Girl Riddim  Studio One
Keep It IN The Family Riddim  Cha Cha
Keep On Moving Riddim  Various Labels
Lazy Body Riddim  Black Scorpio Records
Lecturer Riddim  Studio One
Legal Rights Riddim  Techniques
Let Him Go Riddim  Midnight Rock
Let The Power Fall Riddim  Derrick Morgan
Letter To Rosie Riddim  Black Scorpio
Life Riddim  Techniques
Lively Move Riddim  Black Scorpio
Lonely Riddim  Techniques
Lots Of Sign / Cuss Cuss Riddim  Witty 198x
Love And Affection Riddim  Various Labels
Love Me Forever Riddim  Free Willy
Maga Dog Riddim  Jogib Records
Magnum Riddim  Steely And Clevie
Master Showcase Dread At The Control 1980
Me And Jane Riddim  Cha Cha
Mean Girl Riddim W Twice Nice  Various Labels
Midnight Rock Riddim  Capri Music
Mind Yu Dis Riddim  Music Works
Miss Wire Waist Riddim  Randys Studio/Penthouse Records
Mission Impossible  Power House
Modern Girl Riddim  Ffrench
Modern Girl She Is Mine Lp  Gyasi
Mojo Rock Riddim  Studio One
More Ideas Riddim  Pressure Sounds
Mr Talkative Riddim  Coxsone
Mud Slinging  Sinbad Production
Mud Up Riddim  Sonic Sounds Oldies
Mule Train Riddim  Jackpot
My Cup Riddim  Upsetter
Nah Get Buddy Riddim  Harry J Records
Nanny Goat Riddim  Tappa Records
Nice And Cute Riddim  Selekta
Nice Time Riddim  Wailn Soulm/Roots From The Yard
Night Nurse Riddim  African Museum
Niney The Observer  Ital Observer Style
Niney The Observer  Rock On
No Jestering Riddim  City Line Records
No No No Riddim  197x-2008
No No No Riddim  Puppy Records
No Trouble We Riddim  Redman International 1988
No Warrior Riddim  Jammys Records
On The Beach Riddim  Treasure Isle
One DJ Wont Do  Techniques
One DJ Wont Do Riddim  Techniques
One Step Forward Riddim  Upsetter
One Way Riddim  Thompson Sound
On-u Sounds (rare Reggae) (3 Of 9)
Oo Wee Baby Riddim  Volcano
Original Sounds Riddim  Original Sounds
Original Stuck Riddim  Dennis Star International
Over Size Mampie / Trade Wind Riddim  Steely And Clevie Records
Party Time Riddim  Roots Pool
Peanie Peanie Riddim  Various Labels
Photographer In A Dancehall  Photographer
Play Play Riddim  Morwell Esquire
Police And Thieves Riddim  Upsetters Records
Police and Thieves Riddim 1976 (black Ark) Ft Junior Mervin
Pon Mi Nozzle Riddim  Penthouse Records
Poor Marcus Riddim  Hitbound
Power House Presents: Various Artists
Powerhouse Presents: Final Mission
Praise His Name Riddim  Jam Can
Prang Riddim  Roaring Lion
Press Up Riddim  Relativity Productions
Pressure And Slide Riddim 1986-2007
Prison Oval Rock Riddim  Volcano
Punany Train Riddim  Jumbo (E.Byfield)
Punaunie Riddim  Waterhouse
Punnany Tegereg  Shocking Vibes
Push Come To Shove Riddim  Pure Music Productions
Put It Down Riddim  Sunset Records
Put It On Riddim  Micron Music Canada
Ragga Muffin Riddim  Ragamuffin Production
Raiders Of The Lost Dub  Island Records
Rainbow Country Riddim  Various Labels
Rainy Night In Georgia Riddim  Studio One & Jammys
Ram Dance Master  Harry J Records
Rasta Cowboy Riddim  Chopper Productions
Rastaman Live Up Riddim  Tuff Gong
Real Hot Riddim  Studio 1 Records
Real Rock Riddim  Emmanuel Music
Real Rock Riddim  Hit Bound / Channel One Records
Red Rock Riddim  Digital-B
Reggae All Stars (1977-1980)  Freedom Sounds
Reggae Dancehall Classics  Sleeping Bag Records
Reggae Greats  Island Records
Reggae Greats The DJs  Island Records
Reggae Invasion Riddim  Arabic Invasion
Reggae Stars Explosion Vol 1  Kingdom Records
Rent Man Riddim  Joe Gibbs
Revenge Of Slengteng Riddim  Youth Promotion
Revolution Riddim  Taxi Productions
Rhythm Of The Sun  Telstar
Ride Me Donkey Riddim  Various Producers
Rob And Gone Riddim  Thompson Sounds
Rock Fort Rock Riddim Special Original 1972
Rope In Riddim  Various Labels
Rougher Neck Fashions Riddim  Blacker Dread
Rougher Yet Riddim  Jammys Records
Rumours Riddim / Telephone Love Riddim  Music Works 1988
Run Down The World Riddim  Witty 1986
Rusty International Riddim  Rusty International
Sabwackie Presents Five The Hard Way  Tachyon Records
Same Riddim  Tads International
Satta Massa Gana Riddim  Clinch Records
Scientific Master Mix Showcase Vol.1  Mixing Lab
Scorpio All Stars  Vol.1 Singers Explosion 88
Screw Face Riddim  Tuff Gong
Selekta Showcase 89  Greensleeves Records
Sensee Party Riddim  Thompson Sound
Serious Dub  Mango
Serious Time Riddim  Jammys Records
Shank I Sheck Riddim  Various Labels
Shank I Sheck Riddim (Dancehall Version)  Jammys Records
Shank I Sheck Riddim Vol 1  Tads Records
She Is Mine Riddim  Black Scorpio
She Loves Me Now Riddim  Heavy Beat / Wks Records
Shes Mine Riddim / Blen Dem Riddim  Various Labels
Shoulder Move Riddim  Midnight Rock
Silhouette Riddim  Jah Guidance
Silver Camel Riddim  Midnight Rock
Silver Dollar  Black Scorpio
Simmer Down Riddim  Jackpot
Singers and Players Vol 1  On-u Sound
Singers Meet The DJs  Midnight Rock
Sleng Teng Connection Vol 1  Ead Records
Sleng Teng Riddim  Jammys Records
Slim Belly Man  Jah Life Time
Smile Riddim  Studio 1
Smile Riddim  Studio One 1968-200x
Solid Gold From The Vaults Vol 1-1983
Song My Mother Used To Sing Riddim  Herman Chin-Loy (Dennis Brown)
Sound Clash 89 Sound 1  Super Power
Sound Clash 89′ Vol 2  Super Power
Soundclash  Jammys Records
Stalag Riddim  Jammys Records
Stalag Riddim (198x) (199x) (20xx)
Stamina Riddim  Turbo Crew 1989
Still In Love Aka Uptown Ranking Riddim  1977-2002
Stop Acting Strange Riddim  Jammys Records
Strong Like Sampson Various 1980s
Super Star Hit Parade Vol 4  Live And Love
Super Star Hit Parade Vol.5  Super Power
Super Stars Hit Parade Riddim 1989
Super Stars Hit Parade Vol 2-1986
Super Stars Hit Parade Vol 7  Super Power
Sweets For My Baby Riddim  Gyasi
Swell Headed Riddim  Various Labels
Swing Easy Riddim  Midnight Rock
Take Five Riddim  Thrillseekers
Taxi Riddim  Penthouse Records
Tempo Riddim  Various Producers
Tempo Riddim (1985-2007)  Various Producers
The Age Of Reggae  Twinkle Music
The Age Of Reggae Part 2  Twinkle Music
The Confrontation Vol 1  Shocking Vibes
The Girl Is Mine Riddim  Sun Set
The Girl Is Mine Riddim  Various Producers
The Good The Bad And The Ugly  Dennis Star Records
The Heat Riddim  Sir Coxsone
The Title Riddim / General Riddim  Steely And Clevie 1988
The Trojan Story  Trojan Records
The Yellow The Purple And The Nancy
This Is Lovers Rock Riddim  Venture Records
Three Blind Mice Riddim  Upsetter Records
Three Star All Star  Three Star Production
Throw Me Corn  Jammys Records
Tidal Wave  Unicorn Records
Tight Clothes Riddim  Redman International
Time Has Come Riddim  Explosion Records
To The Foundation Riddim  Various Labels
Tonos Riddim  Gemini Records
Too Good To Be True  Digital-b
Top Ten 89  Jammys Records
Tribulation Riddim  Attack 1982
Trojan Explosion  Trojan Records
True Believer IN Love Riddim  Studio One
Trump Jack All Stars  Trump Jack Records
Try To Turn Me On Riddim  Greensleeves Records
Turn On The Heat  Sir Coxsone
Twice My Age Riddim (1988)
Twin City Riddim  Two Friends Records
Twin City Spin Vol 1  Blue Mountain Records
Two Big Bull In A One Pen Red Rose And King Kong  Firehouse
Two Year Old Riddim  Jah Life Time
Under Me Sleng Teng Extravaganza  Tad’s Records
Unearthed Rock Steady Gold  Ossie
Unity Is Strength Vol 2  Park Heights
Up And Coming Riddim  Leggo Records
Uptown Girl Riddim  Firehouse Records
Uptown Top Ranking 16 Reggae Greats  Object Enterprises
Version To Version Volume 1  Trojan Records
Vintage Reggae Vol 1  Revolutionary Sounds
Wackies Selective Showcase Vol.1  Wackies
Weh Dem A Go Do Riddim  Volcano Productions
What One ‘Riddim Can Do  Penthouse Records
What The Hell Riddim  Jammys Records
Wheelie Riddim  Wheely Wheely Promotions
Where Must I Go Riddim  Treasure Isle
White Label Riddim  Jamaica Sound
Who Done It Riddim  Studio One
Who She Love Riddim  King Jammy
Wild Apache Rhythm  All Stars Volume One
Wild World Riddim  10 Records
Wiser Dread Riddim  Solomonic
Woman Deh Yah Riddim  Black Solidarity
Word Soun Ave Power (reggae Poetry)  Heartbeat Records
Works For The Future Part 1- Jah Life Time
Works For The Future Part 2  Jah Life Time
Worries and Problems Riddim 1986
Y And D Showcase Riddim  Y And D Productions
Yammie All Star Volume One  Yammie Music
Yammie Music Riddim  Yammie Music
Yard Style Christmas  Mic Productions
Youre Young Riddim  Linval Thompson