Mr Vegas

Clifford Smith, born on 29 September 1974 in Kingston, Jamaica is a Dancehall and reggae artist. Mr. Vegas is a name Smith was given by his schoolyard football-mates. They thought that he kicked the ball the way a Las Vegas dancer dances. Smith sang covers of Jamaican hits at local parties and shows in his earlier years and that alone acquired him a reputation as a troublemaker for his lyrics. During a disagreement regarding stolen master tapes, Vegas was hit in the face with a crowbar leaving him with a jaw wired shut for six weeks. After listening to Beenie Man’s hit “Who Am I”, Vegas claims that he had his still-healing jaw unwired and that left him with changing his speech pattern but allowed him to practice toasting. His popularity rose in 1998 with hits like  “Yu Sure”, “Latest News” and “Jack It Up”, His 1998 album had Vegas win a MOBO for Best Reggae Artist for the Heads High album. Between 1998-2008, Mr. Vegas had hits that made it to the charts such as the year 2000’s single “Hot Gal Today” peaking at No. 66 on the US R&B chart. Smith made an announcement in 2008 that he was retiring from the music industry because he felt he was not happy and unfulfilled. He stated he desired to spend more time with his children and draw closer to God Almighty. In 2012 he returned to the music scene and he launched his record label called MV Music and also released a new album titled Sweet Jamaica. He got nominated in the UK for a MOBO Award the same year.  On 4 May 2013 “Bruk it Down” was selected for Video of the Year and “Sweet Jamaica” was selected for Song of the Year, Vegas received multiple awards at the 32nd IRAWMA celebration.