Anthony Malvo

Anthony Malvo was born on 4 January 1962 in Kingston Jamaica. His career began in the early 1980s in Kingston Jamaica. He made many hits for Jamaica’s top producers. The hits include ‘ Rain from the skies’, ‘come back to me’ which were both produced by Tiger, and ‘Take you to the dance’ by Lizard. From then he embarked on solo hits ‘Can’t control the feeling and ‘History Sound’ which were recorded by Bobby Digital.

Malvo is best known for his work with the famous dancehall artist Anthony Red Rose and this is when his career took a peak in 1994. They together performed alongside Frankie Paul, Red Dragon, Snagga Puss, Lizard, and Flourgon. In 1994 the duo performed ‘Never Get’ and they produced a number of Jamaica’s top performers namely Chuckleberry, Beenie Man, Red Dragon, Merciless, Spragga Benz, and Prezident Brown. After laying low for a while, he produced the popular ‘Main ingredient’ in 1996. Later on, in 2002-2003 he produced and rec orde a hit rhythm ‘Ballistic Affair’ which was re-produced and released in 2016.