Roundhead also known as ‘Big Roundz’ was born Ottis Morrison is originally from Woodburn, St Thomas. He grew up in Tavern, Papine. His music talent was discovered at the young age of 9 when he was given the mic by popular deejay Brigadier Jerry while he was deejaying in Papine one night. Young Morrison spit some lyrics and that is when Brigadier Jerry named him Roundhead. He later on earned his stripes on various sound systems such as Concord Disco, Jah Love Sound and Jack Ruby.

Morrison made his debut recording in the early 1990s for the producer Bobo Zaro and his break came with the tracks “Buss Weh” and “The Wickedest Sound” both for producer Collin Fat. In 1996, Morrison, singer Ghost and another deejay General B came together and formed the Monster Shack Crew which was very popular that decade. They made hits like “Probably You Never Heard A We”, ‘Profile (East Side)”, and “Hotty Hotty Crew”. They released their sole album in 1998 which was titled “Monster Party”. The crew split in 2010 due to internal conflict. Morrison now resides in New Jersey and he went on to record solo tracks that include “Gimme A Pound”, “Me Nuh See Them”and “Bossy With Quick Cook”.