Eric Sommers, born in 1984, in Portland, Jamaica, is a dancehall and reggae artist. His passion for music was so strong that he made up his mind to move to Kingston. He believed it would be the ideal place to begin pursuing his music career. Advance, Bounty Killer’s nephew, introduced Iyara to Bounty Killer because he had noticed his talent and Killer Entertainment Group signed him up. In 2008, at Champions in Action, his stage debut was alongside well-known Bounty Killer. He became a part of The Alliance Next Generation led by Bounty Killer. He realized that he had the talent and with his loved ones continually reassuring him he chose to make his move and seek to go after his dream.He concluded that music was the best approach in the wake of tuning in to his primary impacts like Sizzler and Bounty Killer. Producer Dutty Coolie who is both operator and owner of Fuzionz Studio gave Iyara his 1st break.”Musical Warfare” was the 1st single produced by Dutty Coolie on the Fully Thugs Label which was an earnest request for harmony within their music business. The video for the song was fairly enjoyed. “Ghetto People A Suffa”,  “Aiming to the Top”, “A True Friend”,  “Easy Fi Get”, “Month a Di Year”, and “Never Kill a Friend” are included amongst some of his 1st recordings. Singles that became top hits include “Rich Wi Fi Rich.” In 2017, his music video “I swear” didn’t do so well as compared to “Party Right Yah So” which was done earlier in 2015. Iyara is well-known on both local and international scene because of his energy and vibe. He is currently doing what he does best, collaborating, and working on various riddims with other starts like himself.