Patrick Walker was born in Pembroke Hall, Jamaica on 5 October 1974. He was raised in a Christian family and he was the third child out of 5 with all his siblings being females. He moved to the Waterhouse district of Kingston which is where he began being involved in the music scene. Walker was dubbed the name Patchico and Chico stuck as the shortcut of the nickname. He was a focused lad in terms of school till high school he was focused on becoming an accountant. Chico realized singing was his calling when he performed in church as a soloist. After high school, he took a job and eventually made it to King Jammys Studio in 1993 where he recorded a cover version of Tevin Campbell’s “Why Oh Why”. Chico then became a fixture at Man Street Studios and during this time he recorded “Stamina Body” which was produced by Richard Browne who was nephew to the owner of Man Street Studios. This song gained him the limelight and it was followed by another track “Make Noise” which was recorded with producer Donovan Germaine of the Penthouse Label.

Chico r5ecorded “Naah Stoop” with popular esteemed producer Dave Kelly and from then he began associated with Madhouse Records Camp. During that time he recorded hits like “Yuh Have Your Own”, “Enemy” and “Yuh No Care”. He has also made the waves with hits such as “So Fly”, “Chemistry”, “No Change”, “Pop No Style” and many others. In 2003 he collaborated with Ganja Breed and Sean Paul on Paul’s Dutty Rock album. Chico recorded the track titled “Hey Sexy Wow” with Universal Francess and recording artist Lord Kossity and the song was a worldwide hit. He has toured Canada, England, Costa Rica, the US, and other countries and he has also performed on shows including the famous annual German Splash.