Tanto Metro

Mark Wolfe, born in Kingston, Jamaica gained his stage name from dealing with the Metromedia sound system. He proceeded onward to become part of Patrick Roberts’ Shocking Vibes organization who in 1995 produced his solo album. It highlighted guest appearances from Dean Fraser and Beenie-Man. Preceding releasing his initial album, Wolfe recorded various singles going back to the mid-’80s for names like Dennis Star, Shelter Rock, and most noticeably, Shocking Vibes. Ratings got released on VP in 1995, rounded out with featured artists from Little Lenny, Beenie Man, and Bajie Man. Wolfe connected with vocalist King Jammy business partner, Wayne Passley, otherwise known as Devonte, as Tanto Metro and Devonte. The pair released albums Everyone Falls in Love (1999), The Beat Goes On (2001), Musically Inclined (2006), and Most Wanted (2009), In addition, they released many singles from 1997 to mid-2010s. some of the singles are namely, “Everyone Falls in Love”,  “Go So”, “Front of the Line”, “Sensimelia”, “Teaser” and many more. Tanto Metro made some very good music videos such as “Everyone Falls In Love.” The duo has done many collaborations and has continued working on different projects with other artists. Their fan base has grown over the years and their music is known all over the world.