Fantan Mojah

Owen Moncrieffe, born 5 August 1976 in St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica, is a reggae recording artist. His musical style was influenced by the likes of Bounty Killer. His personal approach to music has been quite different from the norm as part of the Bobo Ashanti movement. He has made his lyrics well-known for uplifting, encouraging, and exhortation towards various segments of society. Owen has shown his continued dedication with praises for Jah within the Rastafrian culture, immense respect for women, and totally promoting upright morals. His choice of delivery in his songs has been opposite of the usual rude approach, immorally inclined, and profane lyrics of his counterparts in the musical industry. His very 1st album was Hail The King and produced by Downsound Productions in 2005. Many popular singles like ‘She Makes Me Feel So Nice’ and ‘Love Grows.’ In 2008, Greensleeves Records released Stronger as Owen’s 2nd album. His 3rd album was Rasta Got Soul in 2011 which had a YouTube video that was made for the song. He has done many songs with various riddims over the years inclusive of the album that followed Soul Rasta in 2016. In 2017, the 2018 Riddim was released by Knackoutt Productions and had a good number of artists featured on the album. Owen did a Dubplate mix Volume 2 in 2019 and one of the 2020 songs is a collaboration remix video with Kiihjano done for Lion Paw. It is clear that Owen is continually keeping himself relevant in this space as a phenomenal reggae artist. The best is yet to come.