Anthony Red Rose

Anthony Red Rose was born on 19 December 1962 in St Mary Jamaica ad he initially started recording under the name Tony Rose but then adopted Anthony Red Rose as Michael Rose also performed under the same name Tony Rose. He was one of the first artists to record at the studio that King Tubby opened in the mid-1990s. He released a big hit in 1985 ‘Tempo’ which came after ‘Under Mi Fat Thing’ Anthony continued to released hit singles in the 1980s and 1990s and he released an album titled ‘Anthony Red Rose Will Make You Dance’ in 1986 and ‘Family Man’ in  1994. All were on VD Records.

As he continued to record dancehall hits he also pursued a career as a producer and in 1990 he partnered with Anthony Malvo in producing. The duo produced their own music and they also produced hits for Red Dragon and Beenie Man. In 1995 they produced ‘Quarter to Twelve’ for Simpleton and as Jungle music arose, the hit ‘Tempo’ was remixed in Jungle fashion.