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Top 10 Soothing Dancehall Riddims – Fi Di Room Tings – Riddims World

Summer Scheme Riddim

#10 – Summer Scheme Riddim – Don Corleon

Can anyone not like this riddim?? Simply a Don Corleon masterpiece. Sorry but, if you don’t like this…sumn wrong with u..straight! A good mellow riddim for a background feel good mood. Play this before turning ’em lights low ;)


  1. J Boog – I’M Fallen
  2. Liquid – Summer Scheme
  3. Keida & Protoje – All Again
  4. Vybz Kartel – My Baby U
  5. Toi – You’Ll Be Mine
  6. Wayne Marshall – It’S Party Time
  7. Sean Paul – Give Me The Loving


SUMMER SCHEME RIDDIM {Produced by Don Corleon} Mixed by Zj Liquid

Overproof Riddim Cover0

#9.  Overproof Riddim – JA Productions

This riddim is over 4 years old but surely one of the best ever modern dancehall riddims, of all time. Over 25 artists had to make a mark on this riddim. It’s simply, timeless. Mi lady and I have loved this riddim for as long…well…since ROACH first put it out.
Straight soothing riddim, hypnotises fi sure.


  1. Supahype – Gone
  2. Daniel Beddingfield – Sometimes You Just Know
  3. Mavado – Settle Down
  4. Beenie Man – Let’S Go
  5. Devina Burn Feat. Macka Diamond – You Like It
  6. Khago – Tun Up Di Ting
  7. Wayne Marshall Feat. Kurrup Aka Uncle Mucks – Right Back
  8. Shurwayne Winchester – Wine On It
  9. Justus Arison – Overproof Version – Ja Productions
  10. Aidonia – Caribbean Girls (Raw) (Final Mix]
  11. Vision – So Wet
  12. Munga – Party Hard
  13. Tifa – Dash Out
  14. Navino – Chillin’ Time
  15. Demarco – Nuff Gal
  16. Gyptian – All Over
  17. Keely B – Drinks Up
  18. T’Nez – Nah Leave
  19. Baby Tash – Nah Settle Down – Mavado – Counteraction
  20. Mr G. & Chico – Fren Killa
  21. Stein – Party Hard
  22. Kiprich – Real Swagga
  23. Elephant Man – Dat Me Seh
  24. Lady Saw – Love Sick
  25. Tiana – Bruk Out And Whine
  26. Sean Paul & Zia Benjamin – Standing There
  27. Bounty Killer – Just A Sing Bout Gal
  28. Supa Hype – Shake Her Breast For Me (Remix]
  29. Instrumental
  30. Konshens – Bad Gal


OVERPROOF RIDDIM THE REAL FULL MIX - J.A. PRODUCTIONS / mavado aidonia gyptian nov. 2011


Ducati Riddim 2010

#8. Ducati Riddim – Black Street Music

This one had to be pulled from the archives. A chilled riddim….background mood setter, no doubt, fi sure. If u wan dance fi your guy…pull this out and do sumn’.


  1. Bugle – U Mi Wah Find
  2. Ce’Cile – Body Hot
  3. Vybz Kartel – Nuff Gal Mi Touch – Edit
  4. Vybz Kartel – No Man
  5. Zj Liquid – More Than A Friend
  6. Popcaan – Money Green
  7. Sidra – Love Me


..DUCATI RIDDIM (mégamix) by Dj GuiLL'..


Flammable Riddim Shortboss Muzik 1

#7. Flammable Riddim – Short Boss Muzik

Since this riddim was released, women..di gyal dem, have loved this riddim di most. “Money money ignite di world (vybz kartel)”

It’s mos def a riddim dancehall-minded women love. Play it selecta….play it when di time’s right. It will give you…character ;)


1. Vybz Kartel – Ignite The World
2. Pg 13 – Hero
3. Slimatic – Love You



#6. Vibrata Riddim – Frenz For Real

Not as calm as the previous riddims, but fi di gyal dem like to whine and go down when di lights down low.
The body specialist be sitting and watching while she siddung and all.  A good old school type dancehall bopper this.


1.    Major Mackeral – Swear
2.    Gully Bop – Body Specialist
3.    Mr G – Chip


Tanbad Riddim

#5. Tanbad Riddim – Kwashawna Records

We get gal….very easy…very easy…….have a little more, take your time…..f*** away di pain.
Di lines above are from the choruses of 3 songs on di riddim. Di riddim surely got mi empress and I hooked for months earlier this year.

Vybz Kartel’s Have a Little More was a hit tune.
It’s a must have for di bedroom ting deh. Fi sure.


  1. Vybz Kartel – Have A Little More
  2. Shawn Storm – Tan Bad
  3. Masicka – Fuck Away The Pain (Clean) & (Raw)
  4. Danielle D.I – Still Love Yuh



Customer Care Riddim

#4. Customer Care Riddim – Head Concussion Records

A nice feel good riddim this. More on the up tempo but the chimes in di riddim calm it down. A sure bopper to anyone who listens to this a coupla times mi seh.
Eyo….make sure you take care of di customer….


  1. Beenie Man – Love Me
  2. Chan Dizzy – 7 Days
  3. Demarco – Unlock Code
  4. Quick Cook – Go Go Club
  5. Konshens – Gyal A Whine
  6. Vybz Kartel – Customer Care
  7. Head Concussion Records – Customer Care Riddim Instrumental


Customer Care Riddim Full Mix (Head Concussion Records) June 2015 [Raw]

Set Straight Riddim Cover

#3. Set Straight Riddim – So Unique Riddim

“Oh god…..Let’s do it again!” MAVADO killed it on this riddim. Another calm riddim, straight fi di love time ting. As Kartel says on this riddim, Squeeze me tight and don’t let go……


  1. Demarco – Believe In Fuck
  2. Vybz Kartel & Keshan – Bubble Up Yuh Body
  3. Mavado & 3 Star – Do It Again – (Clean) & (Raw)
  4. Flexxx – Lolly Pop – (Clean) & (Raw)
  5. Demarco – Guide My Step
  6. Zagga – My Baby Forever
  7. I-Octane – No Ratings


Set Straight Riddim Mix (Vybz Kartel, Mavado & More) (June 2014)

Brit Jam Flesh Riddim

#2. Brit Jam Flesh Riddim – Good Good Production

A definite must have wen di lights down low. Straight calm, but bopping riddim. Fi di gyal dem….As Vybz seh, pum pum is paradise.


  1. Vybz Kartel – Paradise
  2. Konshens – Bring Back Love Making
  3. I-Octane – Neva Sell Out
  4. Kalado – L.O.V.E
  5. Bryka  – Tell Me
  6. Rickeey Teetz – Thug Love
  7. Ghost
  8. Lukie D
  9. Mitch
  10. Nitty Kutchietea X
  11. Fresh
  12. D’Angel & G Whizz


DJ RetroActive - Britjam Flesh Riddim Mix [Good Good Prod] January 2015

Mood Riddim 2015 Hitgruves Music

#1. Mood Riddim – Hitgruves Music

OUR #1. This hit riddim had most of our followers hypnotized for days when it was released. .
Got me inna sure mood to….do di tings. Kalado and Konshens tun it up nice and proper. Get dem lights down low and play it!


  1. Konshens – Link Up
  2. Kalado – Reflex
  3. Kray-Z – My Everything
  4. Chevaughn – In The Mood
  5. Bugle – Wah Money
  6. Darrio – Weed Mood
  7. Gruve – No New Friend


Mood Riddim Riddim mix [NOV 2015] (Hitgruves Music) mix By Djeasy

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