Elephant Man

Oneal Bryan, born on 11 September 1975, Kingston, Jamaica, is a dancehall musician. His early exposure to the dancehall culture gave him a kickstart in the genre. In 1995, his career began as a Scare Dem Crew member then he left and became a solo artist. His voice captivated his audience – many described it as low-key. He had a flair for hip-hop rhythms which incorporated in his songs such as “Comin 4 U,” released in 2000 by Greensleeves. “Log On,” his second release became a massive hit. He did a duet with one of his favorite rapper, Busta Rhymes. In late 2003, “Good 2 Go” was released by Atlantic Records as Oneal’s major-label debut due to his fast-paced popularity. “Willie Bounce” is a well-known song of his that in 2006 it appeared on most mixtapes. On 6 November 2007, BadBoy Records released Oneal’s single “Let’s Get Physical” Countless songs are found on various riddim albums by Greensleeves Records and VP Records Rhythm album series. His performance is noted on popular riddims like “Diwali”, “Stepz”, “Coolie”, and “Bubble Up”. Usain Bolt danced in Beijing when Oneal created a song for him to celebrate breaking a world record and winning a gold medal in the 200-meter sprint at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Oneal has done several cover songs including Michael Jackson’s “We Are The World” in 2009 then in 2013, “Berzerk” by Eminem. His anti-gay lyrics have cost him highlights that could have boosted his career. MOBO awards dropped him and other high platform performances have been canceled time and again.