Shaniel Andre Watson, born on 15 February 1985 in St. Mary, Jamaica is a fiery dancehall artist who was raised in a Christian home. His mother passed on when he was very young and his grandparents raised him. They recognized he had a musical gift with the way he played instruments like the congo drums and the flute. They in turn sent him to music school. Watson started writing songs. Wayne Morris, a local DJ assumed the role of manager, and with Wayne’s guidance Teflon recorded for some of the biggest names in music production such as Donovan Bennett and Cordel Burrell, just to mention a few. He recorded his first single “Bless me Jah” for a small label based in Ocho Rios. His debut album titled “Motherless Child” was released in 2009. The album distribution was done by Zojak World Wide and Tad’s Records International. Some of the most popular singles were “Matey Anthem”, “Just Come Somka” and many others. It was a milestone in Teflon’s young career when his album took number 24 on i-tunes top 100 reggae albums. Teflon’s fan base grew so much so he was in demand overseas especially Europe. Sizzla invited Teflon to his Ghetto Youthogoly Tour of Europe and Teflon did the opening acts for Sizzla for at least eight weeks to sold-out venues across Europe. Together they toured places like Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, and Slovenia. In 2015, the album titled Young King The Beginning was executive produced by Yard A Love Records and distributed By Tuff Gong International. It had 15 tracks, 1 bonus track, and an intro. The artist has made many collaborations and had some appearances booked for 2020.