Michael Davey, born 31 May 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica, is a dancehall and reggae artist. One of his early singles date as back as 1989. It was released by Dennis Star International label and titled ‘Naah Tan So Back.’ He did many singles in the early 90s right through into the 2000s. Some of the tracks include ‘Woman Feel Good,’ ‘Mad Over We,’ ‘Jah Is Our Father,’ and ‘No Longer My Baby’ are amongst 100s of singles Powerman did. With his growing talent at the time, many fellow artists wanted to collaborate with him and they did. Powerful songs emerged from these compilations like ‘Rock Holy/Ten Ton A Fluff’ which he did with the legendary Admiral Bailey and Little Twitch released in 1991. As time went by he has collected at least 50 collaboration songs that have done well and caused his popularity to be widespread. Powerman has worked with well-known kings in his industry like Beenie-Man, Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel, and Capleton, just to mention a few. From Welfare To Millionaire was Powerman’s 1st album produced by Feel Da Vibe Records and released in July 2011 then followed Ambition which became his 2nd album, released in April 2012 by Chiney K Productions. January 2015 saw another album titled Stone and produced by CD Run label including the single ‘Love Off Mi Talent’ released the same year in June. His YouTube musical videos had songs like ‘She Gone’ done in the Reggae Sax riddim and released in 2017. In August 2018, ‘Jah In A Mi Heart’ made a further impact because Rasta fans related well to his lyrics in honor of Jah and the ‘Blessings’ track released in June 2020 by NLK Records has been the cherry on the cake as it has Rastafarian spiritual inclinations. Keeping his relevance with the times has surely paid off in Powerman’s career.