Ding Dong

Kemar Christopher Dwaine Ottey, born on 29 September 1980 in Kingston, Jamaica, is a dancehall, DJ, dancer, and recording musician. Ding Dong’s father died when he was only 3 years old and that left him helping fend for the family through selling empty bottles. This hustle taught the star principles of hard work at a very early stage in his life, he had 2 passions that he enjoyed, football and dancing. He was part of a dancing crew called Flatbush Dance crew and their zeal kept the community entertained until he had to choose which interest to pursue because the demands of both were very high so he ditched football in 2002 and as from 2003 focused on his musical talent. When Ding Dong met Tony Matterhorn, his dancing techniques made him a household sensation and he created many dance moves like Swing Song and Part Di Crowd. Between late 2005 and early 2006, “Bad Man Forward Bad Man Pull Up,” was a single he released and it instantly topped the charts. Ding’s undeniable creativity has made him influential in various artists’ music journeys like the making of the single “Wakky Dip,” which was performed by Voicemail, another popular dancehall group. He has also worked with Elephant Man and the late Danny Champagne. “Holiday” was released in 2009 and was a collabo with Chevaughn. Ding Dong has been recording non-stop since. Ricky Blaze has produced Ding’s hits like “Shampoo” and “Hustler” amongst many others that include work with Shenseea, like “Fairy.” He has traveled and appeared both locally and internationally at many shows and events like the 2018 Rebel Salute. A lot of his work has involved Romeich Entertainment though he has worked with other labels like Emudio and Big Ship. The artist has made it clear that the best is yet to come this new decade.