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Josylin Hamilton was born on 5 November 1961 in Jamaica, West Indies. He was a member of the defense force for 6 years. He performed on many sound systems in Jamaica and he became prominent when he performed as a resident DJ with the Stereo One Sound System alongside Wickerman and Lieutenant Stitchie. Hamilton recorded ‘Gun’ and ‘Original Get And o Chat’ in 1991 and these were popular hits in both reggae and dancehall charts.

His hit song ‘ Slow Type of Death” was recorded and it was featured on the one-rhythm Carolina My Darling together with 2 other tracks, ‘Teck A Man Woman’ and ‘Wok A Man Woman’. Hamilton recorded with a number of producers ad he enjoyed hits like ‘Gal At Mi Door’, the resentful ‘Some Gal A Idiot,’ ‘Tek Somebody, ‘Go Go Wine’ and ‘Claffy’. In 1995, he performed ‘Anti Christ’ which was produced by Anthony Red Rose and Anthony Malvo.

Hamilton maintained a high profile throughout the 1990s by releasing more hits. In 1996 he released the hit 8000 888 000 and Go Go Macarena. In 1997 there was  ‘Can’t Tek Your Man’ and ‘Pose Gal Pickney’ and in 1998 he recorded with partner Wickewrman ad Angel Douglas, the song ‘Ambition’ as well as ‘Eight Cylinder’ which supported Tanto Metro and Devonte on the ‘Go So’ Rhyth. By the end of the century, he had recorded an internationally recognized reggae hit ‘Wave Yu Hand’ which was produced by Colin Fatta Waiters.

Hamilton was murdered together with his lover Tracy Bennet on 13 October 2012 in New York.