Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Valiant Scores America Golden Ticket

  Jamaican artist Valiant has scored the gold ticket, having set up his first performance in the United States of America. Valiant whose real name...

The Vybz Kartel Witch-Hunt Continues

  The Jamaica Constabulary Force witch-hunt against the Palmer family continues and they continue to turn up with nothing, following three raids in 2023. With...

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King Riddim by Renaissance



  1. Braveheart – Do You Really Care Mathieu Ruben
  2. Daddy King – See You Smile
  3. Ronegga – Je Ne Men Souviens Pas
  4. Little Di Lion – You Will See
  5. Yeahman C – Shes My Queen Feat. Cless Shine
  6. Momo Roots – Babylone
  7. Little Guerrier – Liberation
  8. Devon T – Roi Des Rois
  9. Eloisha – Mama
  10. Ragga Ranks – Gimmie A Reason Feat. Djeffal Ouidad
  11. Madi Simmons – Living My Life


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