Jah Mason

Andre Johnson, born on 29 December 1970 in Manchester Parish, Jamaica, is DJ and reggae singer. In 1991, Junior Reid’s JR record label released his debut single “Selassie I Call We” and In 1995, Johnson joined the Rastafari movement called Bobo Ashanti, though he grew up in a Christian family. “My Princess Gone” and “Lion Look”, were hit singles and he featured his friend, Jah Cure on singles. In 2002, Keep Your Joy and Working So Hard were his initial albums. In 2006, Greensleeves Records and VP Records released 2 albums, Wheat and Tears, and Princess Gone respectively, Warners handled distribution for The Saga Bed which was released the same year. Soundism’s Vladi Vargas recorded and mixed the song “Mi Chalwa.” Love & Wisdom was his 19th album and released in November 2015. Albums in the 20th seat of production were In Dub and The Journey. With the type of expertise he possesses in the music fraternity, Johnson has been working endlessly on more compilations with various artists and producers and one of the many songs is the single ” In The Street” released on 20 April 2020 King David riddim by DeeJay Priest. His amazing talent just never ceases to amaze his fans all over the world. He has truly remained relevant.