General B

David Parkes, born 1972 in Kingston, Jamaica, is a dancehall recording artist. In 1994, the Monster Shack Crew became his first musical home with fellow band members, Roundhead and Ghost. Regardless of being part of the crew, General B proved to have a massive gift with his lyrical content which saw the flourishing of many tracks like ‘Bad Inna New Clothes,’ ‘God Heart,’ ‘Nicky’ and ‘Scream,’ his absolutely huge solo track. ‘If Me Did Know’ was one of the hip-hop releases that put his fans into a frenzy in the late 90s. ‘True Lover’ was a Millenium production and release of the Monster Shack Crew. Over the years, General B has worked on and made great songs with countless riddims such as ‘Nuttn At All’ under the Shank riddim in 2013 and ‘Who La La’ done with the Taranchyla riddim in 2013, just to mention a few within the same year. ‘I Love Smoke’ was a collaboration he did with Elephant Man in 2014. In 2016, followed ‘Party Time’ with Twinkle Boss riddim. Some of the famous songs done in 2017 were ‘Gullaza,’ ‘Oh Yes Oh No,’ and ‘Tek Bwoy Gal.’ 2018 saw yet another good reggae track ‘Bruck Out To.’ As is with many dancehall musicians, almost every other year sees the release of new songs with amazing riddims. ‘All For The Money’ released in 2020 was done with the Steppaz riddim and has made General B an outstanding musical sensation to date.