Baby Cham

Baby Cham, known as Damian Beckett was born 24 February  1979 in Sherlock Crescent, Kingston Jamaica. He is a dancehall singer and songwriter and is popularly known for his single ‘Ghetto Story‘ in 2006. Currently signed to Atlantic Records, Cham started his music career back in 1990 with Madhouse Productions releasing tracks like Many Many, Boom Tune and Man and Man. Known as Cham now, throughout his career he has worked with numerous hip hop acts including Foxy Brown, Alicia Keys, Carl Thomas, Shawn Mims, Mis-Teeq, Rihanna, Che’Nelle, Jentina, Akon, and T-Pain, Keke Palmer and many others.

With 2 albums to his name, ‘Wow,The Story’ (2000) and ‘Ghetto Story'(2006), Cham remains in the game but has significantly dropped off and we are yet to hear what he has to say lately.