Delroy Thompson was born on 12 April 1965 in Jamaica. He is a Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall artist. He released one album as a teen in Jamaica for Blue Trac Records before moving to the UK in 1985. Thompson made his first hit in 1986 which was released by King Jammy and was titled “Borrow No Gun”. After this hit, more followed such as “Eat Man”, “Jailhouse Hot” and “Abrakabra”. He rose to stardom with his single “Agony” which was from the album “Agony” produced by King Jammy as well.

“Mass Out” album was produced by Philip ‘Fatis’ Burrel and it was backed up by the likes of Sly & Robbie, Jakie Mittoo, and Robie Lyn among others. In 1990 the hit Bandelero was released followed by Carpenter”, “Call Upon Mi God” and “Cross Them Bridge” in  1993. He survived a shooting in Queensborough in January 2015 which left him with 2 broken bones.

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