Charly Black

Desmond Mendez, born on 6 April 1980 in Rio Bueno, Jamaica, is a DJ, dancehall singer, and ragga artist. From the age of 5, Mendez took part in singing competitions and it was clear that he had a talent. Bass Odyssey and Warlord International are part of the sound systems that he has worked with during the earlier years of his career. His single debut “Woman Its You”, was in 2004 when his stage name was still Tony Mentol. By the time he released singles with labels like VP, which issued “Buddy Buddy” in 2008, M Bass, and Coppershot, he had changed his name to Charly Black. Kurt Riley’s Jambe-An riddim is where “Gyal You A Party Animal” was made on in the year 2014 and this has been a smashing hit with countless remixes and riddims worked produced all over the world. The track’s music video has received over 170 million views on YouTube and at least 100 million on Spotify. He has toured internationally and as expected this track has made fans captivated when he performs on stage. “Hoist and Wine” released 2016 is another track that creates waves to this day for millions of fans far and wide. He has undeniable zeal and talent for his craftsmanship. “Hoist And Wine”¬† has at least 10 million views on YouTube. The lastest singles Mendez has done are “VIP Girl” in 2017 and “Sidung” in 2020. With the caliber of the fan base he has so far, Charly Black is definitely going far.