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Cecile Claudine Charlton, born on 24 February 1976 in Manchester Parish, Jamaica, is a female reggae and dancehall artist. She found interest in music because of her dad’s friend from Third World, a popular reggae band at the time where she made her 1st single titled “Beat Of Her Heart.” Celestial Sound Recordings owner, Steve Ventura noticed her talent in 1995. She was a backing vocalist on stage at a point in time for artists like Chrisinti and Jah Mason whilst she took on the role of studio manager and recorded a number of demo tapes for herself. Her first significant achievement was with the single “Would You Be Able To Do The Work” with Sean Paul in 2001. This track later showed up on his album Dutty Rock released by Atlantic Records, which proceeded to sell more than 2 million copies in the United States, additionally winning a Grammy Award. Delicious Vinyl Records signed her up in 2003 though she concentrated on releasing singles only. The label didn’t give her room to make her own album. She began her tour in 2005 with T.O.K in Europe after she had left the record label. Kingston records released her 1st album in 2008 titled Bad Gyal and for the 1st time, German Playboy discussed a dancehall album. Close to the article was an enormous print with a huge photograph of Cécile, yet she didn’t show up as a Playmate. Waiting was released by Danger Zone/SoBe Entertainment, in 2009 as her second album. Cecile is a well-known artist internationally who has done many collaborations all over including one with Carl Henry and Sean Paul. Apart from making songs on various rhythms, she has done a good number of videos including “No 1 Min”, which she did with Diz Troy in 2017. Cecile continues working on various music projects currently such as the Adam and Eve riddim which DJ Lass Angel released recently in April 2020.