Romeo Nelson, born on 10 May 1990 in Kingston, Jamaica, is a dancehall singer who has been mentored by Aidonia and his influence has been the beacon of his success within the dancehall music industry. Being a prodigy of Aidonia, he is also a part of the Aidonia’s lead Alliance called J.O.P. He has done a good number of collaborations and compilations dating as early as 2014. Some of his popular tracks which put him in the limelight were “Bake Bean,” “Gyal Clown”, and “Shallow Grung.” Jada Kingdom also featured on his song called “Better Than That” which their fans received well. Love and Emotions riddim is one of the many riddims he made a song with and the album was released in 2014. In 2016, he made songs on a good number of different riddims such as the Tilt Ova riddim, HyperActive riddim, and several others. Humans And Monsters Are Not The Same is his latest album which he released on 10 January 2020 after other riddim albums were completed between 2017-2019. His music video for the track titled “Hamants Convo” has at least 8,9 million views since it was released on 17 January 2020. He has done many compilations with various artists and this has contributed positively to his experience as a dancehall musician.