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Love Is Not A Gamble Riddim by Jammys Records

love is not a gamble riddim - jammys records



  1. Admiral Bailey – Girl Yuh Body Good
  2. Alton Black & Blacka Ranks – A Gal A Watch You
  3. Ninja Man – Test The High Power
  4. Ninjaman – My Weapon
  5. Shabba Ranks – Wicked Inna Bed
  6. Singing Melody – Groovy Kind of Love
  7. Pad Anthony – You Make My Day
  8. Admiral Tibett – Come Into The Light
  9. Josey Wales – One Time Jammys
  10. Frankie Paul – I Want To Rock With You
  11. Bunny General – Meck Wi Unite
  12. Jammys (King Jammy) – Girl Your Body Good (Love Is Not A Gamble Version)
  13. Tullo T – Mampie Style
  14. Johnny Osbourne – Tin Pan Sound
  15. C. Lodge & Tiger – Love Me Baby
  16. C. Lodge – Love Me Baby
  17. C. Lodge & Tiger x Gussie – Love Me Baby x Dub (12” Extended Mix)
  18. Cutty Ranks – Tan Guard
  19. Crime Stoppa (Crimestopper) – Rude Boy No Cry
  20. Phase One, Mixing Lab (Roy Francis) – Rude Boy No Cry Rhythm Version
  21. Tamlins – Love Is Not A Gamble
  22. Derrick Parker – Rough Neck Sound
  23. Shorter Ranking (Shorty Ranking) & General Jah Mikey – Real Reggae Music
  24. Derrick Irie – Lyrics Talk
  25. Fancy Black – Wonderful (Preview)
  26. Kiddie & Beenie Jr. – No More Gun
  27. Wally Richie – Honey Honey
  28. Magic Star (S Walters) – Love Is Not A Gamble Rhythm Version
  29. George Nooks – Bad Boy
  30. Trevor Sparks & Tonto Irie – World Pressure
  31. Johnny Ringo – No Principle
  32. Raff Stile – Love Is Not A Gamble Rhythm Version
  33. Cutty Ranks – Business Talk
Love Is Not A Gamble Riddim Mix (1990 Jammys) Mix by djeasy

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