George Nooks

George Nooks, born in 1958 in Kingston, Jamaica, is a DJ, producer, singer, songwriter, and reggae artist who began his music career at a very young age where he sang in the choir and went about participating in the community held concerts and talents shows. In 1974, he recorded for the 1st time and he concentrated on being a DJ and mixed tracks for several producers like Joe Gibbs. He also mixed “Money In My Pocket,”  by Dennis Brown 1974 hit. His debut album, People Are You Ready was combined work with General Echo. He worked with so many producers like Bunny Riley. Nooks started focusing on actual singing hence the release of the album in 1981 titled Today. People somehow stated his singing abilities and style were similar to Dennis Brown. In 1997, he won 3 awards from the Tamika Reggae Awards, and that same year he released an album amongst his other solo album releases with the likes of Lukie D, Ronald Burrell, Glen Washington, and Singing Melody. When his grandmother passed on in 2001, he switched to Gospel music. Ride Out Your Storm took 22nd place in the Gospel chart and  4th place in the Billboard Reggae Albums chart in 2016. George has done quite a fair number of music videos on some of his hits such as “I Can’t Stop Loving You” released in 2009, “I Must Tell Jesus” which was done in 2017, and “Love Light” in 2019. He has his own label since the 1990s called Total Records.