Dexta Daps

Louis Anthony Grandison Jr, born on 12 January 1986 in Seaview Gardens, Jamaica, is known as one of the recent ballad masters including reggae and dancehall.  He grew up in a community well-known for its adverse poverty conditions where reggae gurus like Shabba Ranks, Elephant Man and Bounty Killer amongst many were raised.  ‘Morning Love’ is a ballad released 2014, 7Eleven came through in 2015 including 2017’s ‘Shabba Madda Pot.’ These singles made waves in the reggae industry and many dancehall fans were taken into his style, in addition, the way he delivers his ballads has won him a good following in a very short space of time. Intro was his debut album which came out in 2017 and this was followed by an erotic film that received viewership of at least 1,6 million on YouTube alone. He made a mind-blowing appearance at Reggae Sumfest in 2017. Some collaborations Louis has done include Blakkman and the rap artist, M.I.A. Daps did a song titled ‘Owner’ which received ‘Whipped’ as a response by D’Angel, a reggae musician. The Jamaican police also known as Jamaican Constabulary Force arrested Louis on 8 April 2020 after he was allegedly suspected to be part of shootings and illegal gang associated activities in Jamaica’s Western parts. 3 weeks later, he was released on 30 April 2020, just in time before his lawyer was about to appeal for the artists’ release. Daps has won the hearts of millions all over the world with his recent song ‘No Underwear,’ reaching at least 16,3 million views on YouTube for its explicit nature.  He will surely continue building his name at this rate.