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Riddim Review – World Government Riddim

World Government

2020 kicked of with a bang with the release of Shabdon Record’s World Government Riddim. The focus was drawn to Vybz Kartel as he released his take on the riddim on his birthday and had people talking about the flagship music video. Upon close inspection you will realise the riddim features a host of top artists which make it an introduction and a half to the new decade. The riddim features the aforementioned Vybz, Squash, Chronic law, Teejay, Daddy 1, Lisa Hyper, Sikka Rymes, Rygin King, Demarco, Ding Dong, Shawn Storm. And minnows like Laden, Kash, D Judge, Madd-One and Flyght Bluugo.

Vybz Kartel - World Government (Official Video)

Vybz Kartel does not need much of an introduction as he kills it with the title track, World Government. The Worl’Boss is well backed by his Gaza connect, as Sikka, Shawn and Lisa represent with dope tracks. Sikka sings about something he knows all to well about, in Loyalty, as he has been there for the incarcerated deejay. Vybz’s co-convict Shawn Storm possesses that prison energy and kills it in No Sketts, keeping the Gaza fire burning bright.

Dem no bad like Gazanation, Dem no bad like Gaza first lady, Dem no bad like Gazanation, Dem no bad like Gaza first lady”, echoes loud and strong in Lisa Hyper’s jam Gaza First Lady. Lisa reinforces her role in the crew, showing off her talent and why she is the Gaza’s first lady.

Lisa Hyper - Gaza First Lady (Official Audio)

The riddim has a strong contingent from the 6IX, with the boss Squash doing his thing in Mighty. Its a toss up between Trending King Daddy 1, and Chronic Law‘s Cyan Stop Bad, for the 6IX’s top pick. The pair kill it making the riddim all that more special.

Daddy1 - Trending King (Official Audio)

Ding Dong finds a way to make you wanna dance in Fi Wi Dancehall. The dancing king’s energy is felt all through the song and should be a hit in dance night clubs. Rygin King Demarco, and Teejay give a decent account of themselves in New Machine, Sinking Boat and High Grade respectively.

This riddim is just a taste of what to expect in the year. And it is a good marker to start with. Look out for the other tracks on the rhythm as I suspect one or two may tickle your fancy.


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