O’keefe Aarons, born on 22 June 1985 in Kingston, Jamaica, is a dancehall recording artist who got his big break when producer Stephen McGregor noticed his talent. “Gal Coward” was the single he recorded on the Daybreak Rhythm under Big Ship Records. Laden got his groundbreaking moment at the DigicelRising Star when he got the number 8 position. This show is likened to the American Idols, the difference is, its the Jamaican version. His performance at this star-search show instantly put him in the limelight. Laden has appeared on many riddim albums including Street Swag riddim, Bad People riddim, Iron Belt riddim, and alongside various legends like Beenie-Man, Mavado, Elephant Man, and Aidonia, just to mention a few. One of the first few videos showcased for Laden was titled “Time To Shine,” released in 2009. There are more popular music videos that were done for other his other hit songs. 2016 had “Time Is Now” and the following years saw “Success,” on Mixed Emotions riddim. In addition, “Work” which came out in 2018, and the music video did very well. His fan base has constantly risen over the years proving that his music has the energy required to go further in his career.