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Volume 3 – 2020 Rare Jamaican 90s Dancehall Mixtape

volume 3 - 2020 rare jamaican 90s dancehall mixtape



  1. Capleton – Defend Him
  2. Buccaneer – Round Of Applause (Never Done Riddim – Wild Geese Label)
  3. Steve Face – On Bended Knees
  4. Ricky General – Model Fi De Better
  5. Chilla Rinch – Concrete Dolley
  6. Red Rat – Buss Up Pants Waist (Four Burn Riddim – Bankeylus)
  7. Shabba Ranks – 1 Man (Dancehall Version)
  8. Glen Washington – Live My Life (Yippy Yeah Or Boring Riddim)
  9. Baby Sam – Ego Booster (Ego Booster Or Paraffin Riddim – Schema Records)
  10. General B – Run From We
  11. Black Coolie – Reaction (Empress Riddim – Golden House/Jet Star Music)
  12. Anthony B – Turn Back Blow (Badman Riddim – Bad Fowl Production)
  13. Honorable Apache – Tease (Big Door Slam Riddim – Shang Muzik)
  14. Paco General – Hell Know (Anti-Christ Riddim – Soul Face Records)
  15. Frisko Benton – Night After Night (Bellyas Riddim – Explorer Recording Company)
  16. Mr Vegas – Nice And Sweet (Siren Riddim – Massive B)
  17. Hazzar – Disrespect (Beverly Hills Riddim – Shangul Records)
  18. Merciless – Old Human Being
  19. Lady G – Whining Skill
  20. Lisa Dainjah – Chat Bout (James Bond 007 Riddim – Boomarang Records)
  21. Daddy Vic – What A Disease
  22. Dan Youth – Woman Pon Right (Germs Riddim – Cool Backra)
  23. Little Hero – What It Takes (Condom Riddim – Sampalue)
  24. Major Sardine – Buss Gun (Valley Of Death Riddim – Priceless)
  25. Baby Wayne – Warder

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