Valiant Scores America Golden Ticket

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Jamaican artist Valiant has scored the gold ticket, having set up his first performance in the United States of America. Valiant whose real name is Raheem Bowes, is a Kingston native having graduated from Oberlin High School in Kingston. With numerous hit songs, Valiant has had one of his better years career-wise and is set to perform in America in October 2023.

Having seen what the likes of Sean Paul, Shenseea, and Shaggy have done for their careers upon breaking onto the American scene. Valiant will look to grow his already growing fanbase in the States and will look to kick on financially. Bounty Killer did admit being unable to tour the States (because of his affiliations with gangsters) hurt his career significantly and I am sure is one of his biggest regrets in life.

Valiant has had a few hit songs in 2023 with tracks like Mad Out, Crypto and Sweepstakes. His latest track Loyal Gyal is alongside another growing artist in Skeng and Jiggy D. With 2022 being his breakout year with Rasta, it’s onwards and Upwards for Valiant. Yes, his style is nothing like dancehall in the 90s or early 2000s. However, it has its niche of followers as the dancehall genre has evolved. Whether he tailors it to match dancehall from yesteryear is up to him but why change a winning formula?

Skeng x Valiant x Jiggy D - Loyal Gyal (Official Music Video)

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