Sunday, December 3, 2023

Spice Looks To Put Hands On Karlie Redd

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Grace Hamilton, popularly known as Spice, is making the headlines once again on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The Jamaican dancehall artist is not the victim this time after being dubbed a blue monkey by Erica Mena a few weeks back. Spice was the aggressor this time, looking to lay her hands on former friend Karlie Redd.

Spice and Karlie Redd’s relationship seemed to dissipate following Spice’s health scare and Karlie allegedly not supporting her. Karlie then bought the house next to Spice and things seemed to heat up when Spice discovered that Karlie had either rented or lent out her house for a video shoot when Spice’s kids were home.

As a result, a furious argument broke out when they and other Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast members were having fun in the Bahamas for Rasheeda’s birthday.

Yes, this is the stuff of scripted reality TV. However, due to the shallowness of the disagreement it makes you wonder if it was for real as it seems the writers are on strike. If it was for real, Spice needs to respect herself now. Not saying Erica Mena’s comments have credit, but Spice has a way of riling people up. Bringing the worst out of them.

Spice & Karlie Redd's Beef Is FOREVER! 💥 Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

The unprovoked attack is all there for the world to see on social media and it’s subject to people’s opinions. I think it’s time Spice left reality TV and focused on her health and music. These squabbles will leave fans with a nasty taste in their mouths and this media attention is not really worth it to be fair.

Spice - Bake A Man (Official Music Video)

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