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George Nooks Hits Back At Police

George Nooks 1

Reggae icon George Nooks spent a few days in police custody after being arrested in Kingston on Friday the 25th April 2019.

George was suspected to be in possession of drugs. He was released the following Sunday without being charged. The whole arrest did not sit well with him and he is now pursuing a lawsuit against the police for the false arrest.

The police claim that the artist disposed of a capsule containing a substance when they approached him at Lane Plaza, in Liguanea. It is alleged that, after being taken to the Narcotics headquarters he recovered the capsule from a desk and swallowed it. Following that they took him to the Kingston Public Hospital under police guard.

George summoned the services of his attorney Tom Tavares- Finson who is looking into the matter further through legal channels.

“His vehicle was searched, he has not been charged nor interrogated, I don’t know what all of this is about,” Tavares-Finson said. “We’re looking to file a lawsuit for false arrest. I have never seen nothing like this yet.”

George Nooks vehemently denies swallowing any capsule saying that the whole thing was about misinformation.

“Some people have some misinformation of whatever, and everything is okay, and I am good,” the veteran reggae singer said. “Some people make mistakes, and it will be taken care of, it’s gonna be taken care of, trust me, and I’m just gonna leave it right there.”

Nooks has a pending case and is currently on bail for a 2017 arrest where cops say they found cocaine inside a bag he was carrying.

George is no stranger to being in trouble and in the case instant there are many variables that need to be addressed. The police department does have a lot to deal with with the current level of crime in Kingston and so misinformation is plausible.

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