Sunday, December 3, 2023

Vendetta 6ix Beef Squashed By Police

vendetta 6ix beef squashed by police

Similar to a playground brawl, it took the authorities to step in to break-up a never ending fight. After weeks of a hateful back and forth from the 6IX and Vendetta camps, it needed the Jamaican police high command to step in to break things up.

According to Heavy D, the 6IX manager, the police issued a cease and desist order to the hateful diss tracks. The artists had a toxic back and forth feud which had the pair threaten to murder each other and had their fans taking to the streets and social media burning the other camps branded regalia. The Jamaica Constabulary Force threatened to take the artists into custody if they continued to release the toxic diss tracks.

Heavy D went on to explain that he had tried to reach out to Alkaline for a truce beforehand. Unfortunately the act was met with aggression and used in a diss track, further stoking the already blazing fire.

The feud degenerated to the artists going after each others mothers. Just like what happens in a school setting, going after parents is usually a sign that the situation is out of hand. Mothers are the final straw as they are normally off limits but Alkaline was not holding back.

It was a matter of time before something big happened and the voice of reason had to step in. Things seem to be back to normal. The pair have got back to making proper music now with tracks like Nuh Average and Thug Loving from Alkaline and Squash‘s Intel.

In dancehall, these feuds do add a bit of edge to the industry. It is a dirty and gritty business and a bit of controversy is welcome. However, when things get out of hand it is good to know that there is a referee so to speak. The police have a responsibility to peoples’ safety.  And judging the level the feud had reached it needed a timeout.

Squash - Bull Dog (Official Audio)

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