Barrington Levy

Barry Ainsworth Levy was born on 30 April 1964 in Clarendon, Jamaica, He formed the band Mighty Multitude with his cousin Everton Dacresand they released ‘My Black Girl’ in 1977. Levy broke out of the band in 1978 band he recorded his debut single ‘A Long Time Since e Don’t Have No Love’

He then met former singer and producer Junjo Lowes and producer Hyman ‘Jah Life’ Wright and they took him to King Tubby’s studio and recorded a number of pieces some of them ‘Ah Yah We Deh’, ‘Looking My Love’, ‘Englishman’ ad ‘Wedding Ring Aside’. He rose to stardom after ‘Shine Eye Girl’ and after that released a number of singles including ‘ Wicked Intention’, ‘Jumpy Girl’ and many others