Saturday, March 25, 2023

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The Warlord Weighs In On 6ix Vendetta Feud

Bounty And Alkaline

There is the notion that came from hip hop’s Notorious B.I.G. back in the 90s that ‘the more money you come across the more problems you see’. The same can be said in the dancehall  where the bigger and successful you become the more haters you get.

Currently there is a huge beef which no one seems to know how it started between Squash and Alkaline. The beef reached fever pitch a few weeks back with fans burning t-shirts on social media in a stand for their favoured deejay. Chronic Law from the 6IX joined his crew member Squash in the beef releasing diss tracks like ‘Mass Murder‘ and ‘Fire’.

Chronic Law - Fire (Official Lyric Video)

To add on to this beef the long standing rivalry between Unruly Boss, Popcaan and Alkaline also resurfaced. Squash reposted a clip where Popcaan took shots at the Alkaline further exacerbating the beef between the artists.

To make things more interesting Bounty Killer has joined the band wagon in showing his detest for Alkaline. Over the weekend a fan asked Bounty on instagram whether he would buy an Alkaline album, only for him to respond saying that he didn’t buy toilet papers. Really Bounty? You could have come up with a better insult though. You don’t buy toilet papers?

Over the years Bounty has expressed his dislike for Alkaline. He argued that his controversial lyrics were contributing to the moral decay within dancehall. I am not sure what he really meant but there are a lot more issues that  should be addressed before having a pop at Alkaline. Whats is your take on female dancehall Warlord?

So as its stands it is Alkaline vs The 6IX, Popcaan and Bounty Killer. If that is not gonna gas you up Alkaline then I don’t know what will. Embrace the haters and continue on your way Mr Bartley.

Alkaline - Most Wanted (Cover Video)

The more successful Themanhimself becomes the more petty the others will look. Give the guy a break and focus on your own business. There are a whole lot more issues to address Mr Warlord.

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