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The Art Of Dream Selling – Jah Cure Style

Jah Cure 2

There is the notion that children learn what they live, and as they grow up in a home they will tend to pick things up from the environment and reflect it in their actions. For example if a child lives with hostility, he will learn to fight. Or if a child lives with encouragement, he learns confidence. The same goes for how men woo and treat women. This is where listening to artists like Romain Virgo and Jah Cure can polish your dream selling skills.

This is not only reflective in listening to reggae love songs but across all genres. There are certain artists who can gear you up for handling the ladies like the utmost gentlemen. Jah Cure is up there in the top five at least, as the ultimate reggae crooner. His latest song ‘Pretty Face’ showcases his ‘dream selling’ skill set.

“Every time I see your pretty face
You have me sounding crazy out of space
Take my heart and move it to a place
Put my mind in a happy space

Move to the Bimmer, you have the key
Let’s go for dinner, it’s all on me
‘Cause baby, you’re my favourite”

With lyrics like this you cannot go wrong if you stick to the playbook. He goes on further saying;

“Loving you and that skin
Beautiful face, yeah, beautiful smile
You’re everything a man could ever want in life”

Jah Cure - Pretty Face | Official Music Video

The single is taken off his upcoming album Royal Soldier set to be released next month August 2019. If you’re to read more into this track this album should be for the ladies.

For those chaps out there looking to change their fortunes on the dating scene it might be worth your while giving Jah Cure’s Royal Soldier a chance. If a child lives listening to Jah Cure he will learn to be a ladies man. Simply put.