Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Alkaline Drops Thug Loving

I think we can safely say the Vendetta/6IX beef has finally died down. The beef raged on for over a month but we finally have a chance to listen to something other than a diss track from the Vendetta Boss.

Alkaline recently dropped Thug Loving which represents a love jam for the ladies. With all the testosterone filled diss tracks he had for Squash, we can get to enjoy another side of Alkaline. The track has already garnered over 500k views on Youtube a week after its release.

Alkaline - Thug Loving (Cover Video)

Following this track Vybz Kartel has now rekindled his beef with Alkaline so who knows how long we will see this side of Alkaline. Vybz referred to Alkaline as a ba**ywash in a recent instagram post. The cation to the post reads,

“8 ba**ywash man hate the tune already, dem reach early, but bad mind caan stop we #gaza #4eva!”

Their beef stems from 2014 and the Worl’Boss has made a dig at the artist probably showing his solidarity and allegiance to the 6IX. With all that has happened to Alkaline with the 6IX, retaliating to Vybz may not be such a good idea. Squash and Chronic Law are not on the same level as Vybz and Alkaline may find himself getting schooled by Da Teacher.

Things can never be straight forward in the dancehall industry. But maybe that’s what makes it what it is. Is this constant tension a reflection of Jamaican culture? On the other hand, reggae as a music genre is the total opposite. Meaning that argument does not hold any water. But it should play a part in explaining some of the violence issues the country is experiencing.

Have a listen to Thug Loving as it showcases Alkalines voice and the ladies will definitely appreciate. A much needed tonic but we don’t know how long this side of the Vendetta Boss will last.

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