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Super Hero Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel Super Hero 1

If there was to be a super hero in dancehall you can’t help but think it has to be Vybz Kartel. Vigilante Vybz sentenced to 30 plus years behind bars still finds a way to stay relevant and is revered by countless fans all over the world. The Worl’Boss delivered yet another banger in his latest track on Super Hero Riddim with the same title name.

Following in the same path as Alkaline‘s latest track Thug Loving, Vybz sings another ballad for the ladies. Using up the wide range of his musical talent, Vybz is able to deliver an RnB-esque jam for the ladies over the dancehall rhythm. If he really wanted to, the Gaza Boss could actually delve into another musical genre as his skillset knows no bounds.

Vybz Kartel - Super Hero Love (Official Audio)

The riddim also features his 6IX buddies Squash and Chronic Law who shine with Bull Dogg and Friendship respectively. Other artists featuring are Lisa Hyper with Happy Life. Shawn Storm and cousin Sikka Rymes jam with Loyalty and Stop Live For People.

The 6IX and Gazanation shine on the riddim making it a 2019 favourite as the year comes to an end. And to make things more interesting, the Worl’Boss had a go at Alkaline over the weekend on Instagram. The riddim also featured Squash’s track Bull Dogg which also took shots at the Vendetta Boss.

In light of the pending court appeal, Vybz Kartel continues to remain relevant in the industry and stands head and shoulders above the rest. Will 2020 be the same or is there another individual who can take over the reigns? Super Hero reinforces Da Teacher’s hold in dancehall and over the ladies.

It is definitely my top pick on the riddim. It manages to pip Chronic Law‘s Friendship which I wrote about a few weeks back.

Check out Chronic Law’s track below.

Chronic Law - Friendship (Official Audio)


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