Mackerel And Bounty Killer Enjoy At Bounty Sundays

Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis made her maiden visit to Bounty Sunday’s over the weekend and got some personal time with Bounty Killer.

Bounty Killer was at the event partying with his friends as always when Mackerel turned up with her crew and shook things up. Killer, subsequently reached out to Mackerel and while having a small conversation, the selector started to play Teejay smash hit single “Uptop Boss.”

TeeJay - Uptop Boss (Official Video)

As if on cue, Mackerel began to whine on Bounty Killer who also enjoyed the gesture, however seconds later respectfully pulled away. The clip of the two has since been making rounds on social media. It was an innocent gesture on Mackerel’s part and Killer didn’t feel like there was any harm done.

This went down days after Mackerel was spotted kissing new boyfriend Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith in the club. The images went viral on social media, leaving some fans to believe it’s all a publicity stunt. Mackerel made the headlines before that from a video where she proclaims to love taking other women’s men. So with  rumors circulating that Smith is married, this attention will definitely get people talking about Mackerel for all the wrong reasons.

Bounty Killer is a stalwart in dancehall with three decades of experience, while Mackerel is merely just testing the waters. So far she has released two singles but has yet to find her breakout hit.

Perhaps this is the right publicity the petite artist needs. The General can take her under his wing and mentor her just like he did with so many big names in the game.

Watch Bounty Killer and Mackerel at Bounty Sunday’s below in the video doing the rounds on Instagram.


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