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Ghost – City Lock (M-Phatic Music)


Ghost – City Lock

This song was produced by Steven Ventura (not in any way related to Ace Ventura) for M-Phatic Music in the year 1999. This riddim (Moesha Riddim) is amazing. It had the right BPM – was fast paced, kept it going much like the Diwali riddim by “Lenky” Marsden that came 3 years later in 2002. I believe Moesha Riddim 1999 was another initial precursor spark to the change in dancehall style that ensued circa 2004. That fast paced electronic sort of dancehall then went to dominate up till around 2008. The riddim style took a break at that point in time, bringing back “authentic dancehall“. The Gaza Gully wars ensued with a different, newly defined authentic dancehall style that lasted until around 2015. Think of Disturbia Riddim 2008, Tripple Bounce Riddim 2009, One Day Riddim 2010, Street Vybz Riddim 2010, Boom Box Riddim 2013, Overproof Riddim 2011, Guitar Strings Riddim 2014, Jelly Wata Riddim 2015, This REALLY GOOD style of dancehall music then morphed into the hip-hop sort of modern trap dancehall from 2016 to current day 2023…………………pure garbage it is. Not original anymore. Where are the true dancehall music heads at? Producers….wagwan with this nonsense? Let’s keep the right dancehall movement in motion. Music should evolve yes, but not in the way dancehall has evolved over the last 5 years plus, a sort of copy cat style with no original ideas anymore. Why do we say this….who are we to say what this music should sound like? Well,

We are real dancehall heads, been around since the late 80s to really give our honest two cents on this music style, history and future.

Get back in line.

Ghost – City Lock:  Like this style of dancehall? If yes, try this one for another level of ragga dancehall: SHAGGY WONDER – LICK DOWN FUGGIE 

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