Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Sizzla Blessing Surround Me

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

sizzla - blessing surround me


Sizzla continues to remain ever present in the game with his latest song Blessing Surround Me. The track’s release follows his rant at the United States of America telling them to keep their visa and that he does not support the LGBTQ community. Sticking to his guns Sizzla Kalonji was vocal against the Americans trying to influence their embassy in embracing the LGBTQ community. Sizzla rebuked the USA for allowing female spaces to be invaded by men and its Embassy in Jamaica for ‘daring’ to fly the LGBTQ flag.

“B-ttyman nuh do one ting fi Jamaica, suh dem nuh have no rights bout yah. Look at Marcus Garvey and Nanny. And dem still don’t waa put Marcus Garvey and Nanny in schools, but oonu waa put b-tty man in schools. It caa work!” Sizzla said.

“B-ttyman f-ck off! And lef Jamaica! An keep yuh visa tuh! An mi si oonu a promote b-ttyman flag up a American embassy. Mi nuh too waan guh up deh. Suh if mi nuh get no visa fi guh a America a nu no problem,” he added.

Sizzla is one of the most celebrated dancehall/reggae artists in Jamaica and “reggae world,” dating back to the 90s, and feels he is successful enough not to accept what the Americans or the progressive world thinks. His beliefs have thus stopped him from touring most European countries and USA and Sizzla let it be known that he couldn’t be bothered.

Talk about standing by your beliefs. You’ve got to respect the man for that, however, times are changing and I wonder if the same sentiments will be felt by his Jamaican kin in like 50 years. For now, I can separate his personal beliefs and stick to his music. Blessing Surround Me is as progressive as Sizzla will go with more of a hip-hop sound.

Sizzla - Blessing Surround Me [Stainless Music] Release 2023

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