Creepy Crawlies Riddim – Riddim World Records

Creepy Crawlies Riddim - Riddim World Records

Creepy Crawlies Riddim produced by Riddimz Kalacta and GeniusMintol for Riddim World Records 2024

Calling all reggae and dancehall fans! We’ve got a smokin’ hot selection of tracks for you, all built on the Creepy Crawlies Riddim. That means you get the same foundation of driving beats and pulsating basslines, but each artist brings their own unique flavor to the party.

First up, we ease into the groove with Don Creety’s “Have It Ova Dem,” a classic dancehall anthem that sets the perfect tone. Dunger Lee and GeniusMintol join forces on “Money Pree,” dropping a fresh melody and a hook that’ll be stuck in your head for days.

Jungle D keeps the energy high with “Bigger Than,” a track guaranteed to make you want to move.

GeniusMintol takes center stage (along with Zi Virus and Dunger Lee) for a double dose of “Run Come.” Choose the clean or explicit version depending on your vibe!

Mbida Dee and Ranx Shabba bring their talents together on “Zvima Chune,” offering a smooth and infectious dancehall cut.

Finally, Riddimz Kalacta & GeniusMintol drop the “Creepy Crawlies Riddim Instrumental,” the foundation for all the goose-stepping tracks. This instrumental version lets you appreciate the core riddim or use it as a canvas for your own freestyle or remix.

So crank up the volume, pick your favorite flavor, and get ready to dominate the dancefloor with this killer selection of tracks.


  1. Don Creety – Have It Ova Dem
  2. Dunger Lee Ft GeniusMintol – Money Pree
  3. Jungle D – Bigger Than
  4. GeniusMintol Ft Zi Virus and Dunger Lee – Run Come [Clean]
  5. GeniusMintol Ft Zi Virus and Dunger Lee – Run Come [Explicit]
  6. Mbida Dee Ft Ranx Shabba – Zvima Chune
  7. Riddimz Kalacta & GeniusMintol – Creepy Crawlies Riddim Instrumental







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