Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Rastafarian Fantan Mojah Under Scrutiny

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

rastafarian fantan mojah under scrutiny

Do as I say and not as I do“. This quote fits well with Rastafarian musician Fantan Mojah as he has received abuse following his raunchy music video for Fire King. A few weeks back The Rasta Got Soul artist released his music video for Fire King. Following this, he received backlash from the media and his peers. Most people have concluded that his actions do not sit well with the Rastafarian faith. It’s one thing to call yourself a ‘King’ (of fire for that matter). But, his misogynistic comments (at the beginning of the video) of having women do everything for him leave a foul after taste and the video doesn’t help matters.

Mutabaruka a famous Jamaican dub poet came out criticising Fantan saying a person of influence should know better not to showcase such debaucherous acts. He went on further to say that Fantan would probably pleasure himself with the females in the video in years to come.

In response to this. Fantan went onto social media reprimanding the radio personality saying that Muta was known for engaging in an illicit affair with former Miss World, Cindy Brakespear, who was Bob Marley’s lover at the time.

“Memba a Muta come pon radio a talk say him used to lock down with Cindy Breakspeare enuh,” said Fantan, before re-telling an alleged incident in which Bob Marley forcibly gained entrance to a place Cindy and Muta were staying saying. “Hey freak boy, gimmi back me bloodc***t gyal.”

His attack on Muta didn’t really address the issue. And, to be fair their actions do leave a lot to be desired. Should society hold such personalities to account anyway? Does their success automatically make them suitable examples for the youth? And should it be their responsibility for what they show in their videos? When it comes to videos, no one is complaining about what you see from a Squash or Kartel video. So, what is the difference if it is a Rastafarian musician?

Check out the video for yourself and gauge whether Fantan really deserves the backlash he is getting. Personally, I would rather take it up with the censorship board.

Fantan Mojah Fire King Official Video HD

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