Koffee Hits The Spot Once More With Pressure

koffee hits the spot once more with pressure

Following the success of Koffee’s Lockdown jam, the reggae darling has come through with another banger. Pressure questions one’s resilience and preaches to never give in under pressure. Produced by Promised Land Recordings the track ups the ante from Lockdown and should put Koffee and her fans in good stead.

If you had any doubts about the young Spanish Town native’s talent. I’m sure they were put to bed when she won a Grammy for Rapture. Her maiden album won numerous accolades. Debuting on the Billboard Reggae Chart at number one, and holding down the spot for 32 weeks. Affectionately known at home as Mikayla Simpson, Koffee has grown into a reggae and dancehall superstar who still remains grounded and focused on her craft. She has released numerous singles following the Rapture success and Lockdown and Pressure should have a dominant presence on Billboard’s reggae charts.

Koffee’s peers and contemporaries have lavished her with praise for her music and she has not let that get to her head. It’s easy to get caught up in the limelight and lose your way a bit, especially given how young Koffee is but she remains steadfast. And Pressure is a perfect example of that and her character.

Is Koffee the next Bob Marley? In terms of success and influence, yes I think so. Bob Marley and more actually. Technology and social media work in her favour but she also possesses the x-factor so to speak. And one could argue succeeding in a genre dominated by men is extra special given her age. Pressure is a good listen and the music video may help convince some doubters if there still are any. We look forward to more hits to add onto her growing catalogue of bangers.

Check out her latest video Pressure and find Lockdown below for good measure.

Koffee - Lockdown (Official Video)

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