Jada Kingdom Debuts on Dutty Money Riddim as Mr. Lexx Advocates for Dancehall Clash


Jada Kingdom recently made waves in the dancehall scene by becoming the first female artist to receive the official approval of producer Tariq ‘Rvssian’ Johnston with the release of her track “What’s Up (Big Buddy)” on the Dutty Money Riddim.

Jada Kingdom - What’s Up (Big Buddy) | Music Video (Dutty Money Riddim)

This significant milestone comes on the heels of Jada dropping a diss track aimed at fellow dancehall artiste Stefflon Don, with whom she has allegedly been in a feud over a romantic involvement with Burna Boy last year. Despite Stefflon’s track “Don Cullinan” gaining considerable attention, Jada’s song, released around midday on a Tuesday, swiftly amassed 32k views, accompanied by numerous comments and likes on her Vevo account. In an attempt to put an end to the back-and-forth, Jada took to Instagram Stories, stating that she’s now in a happy and healthy relationship, expressing her reluctance to prolong the feud. She clarified that she responded only to defend her respect and culture, asserting that Stefflon is the one fixated on a man she no longer desires. Producer Rvssian added a touch of humor to the situation, joking about the clash between the two artists.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lexx envisions a missed opportunity for a groundbreaking clash between Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don, who unleashed diss tracks within 24 hours, delving into each other’s personal histories. However, following the release of her track “London Bed,” Jada Kingdom announced the end of the feud out of respect for her rapper-producer partner, Pardison Fontaine. Expressing disappointment in the clash’s anticlimactic conclusion, Mr. Lexx, along with other dancehall enthusiasts, believes the industry needed the intensity of a non-friendly but talent-rich clash between the two artists, emphasizing the cultural significance and entertainment value. Despite Jada’s withdrawal, there are whispers on the street that Stefflon Don is gearing up for a response to “London Bed.”


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