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2024 Reggae Love Song: Lutan Fyah – Like a King

Lutan Fyah’s “Like A King”: A Love Song

It’s time to get into the spirit of love, and what better way than with Lutan Fyah‘s heartfelt track “Like A King”? This reggae anthem is all about the amazing feeling of being in love and how it can make you feel like royalty.

In the song, Lutan Fyah sings about feeling like a king because of the love he receives from his partner – she makes him feel like a king. He talks about never experiencing a love like this before and how grateful he is for it. Even when he messes up, he knows his partner will always be there for him.

The music itself is catchy and soothing, with a reggae beat (Roots Harmony Riddim) that’ll have you swaying along in no time. But more than just a love song, “Like A King” reminds us that love can help us through tough times and bring us happiness when things seem hard.

So as you celebrate your loved ones, take a moment to listen to “Like A King” and let its sweet melody and lyrics remind you of the joy that love brings. Because when you’re in love, you truly do feel like royalty, ruling over your own little kingdom of happiness.



lutan-fyah-like a king


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